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3 reviews for Axon

  1. Sue

    These frames are AWESOME! I bought them for safety reasons, but got the surprise of my life when I began wearing them out in public. I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how often I get compliments about them. I do not think that would be the case if I’d bought the black frames. The white ones just really stand out. They are also SUPER comfortable to wear and make me feel safe that nothing will get in my eyes. After 4 years, I got a new prescription & wanted to get a new pair from Walmart, but they no longer sell them in the white frame. Hence, I am ordering them online.

  2. Jayson Fox

    Very impressed. You’ve got more than one professional stock car driver endorsing this fine product. Surpassed my expectations. Quality materials and superb aesthetics. ANSI rated for strength. For a timeless look get it in matte black and polarized gray lenses.

  3. Kenneth Owen

    I had a pair of Noise, but they never fit that great. So, I ordered a pair of the Axon model and they fit and feel much better. I can see better with them also. I use the Axon for mountain biking, hiking, and work. They make the south Texas sun a little more easy on the eyes and have proven to be very durable. Just put them in the provided case when not in use and you will have no problems.

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