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  1. Ronald. Robak

    Five star


    Light weight and very comfortable on my face. Many times I do not realize that I am even wearing them

  3. Kevin wasson

    Great glasses

  4. Brayden

    Very light weight. Very well made. Love them

  5. Frank From Michigan

    I Just ordered a pair of these with my script in them at my local walmart. I will let you know how I like them; after I pick them up. I just wanted to let people know that this was Possible! I got my Script with Transitions Put into the white frames.

  6. Mike

    Love these glasses. I got the pearl white frames. Its going on 4 years now and the only complaint is that the frames are discolored now. Looking at getting a different style now. Great job at taking the glare off of objects.

  7. Craig Sellers

    Excellent buy. 6 stars, an extra star for value. The clearest image I have experienced from any glasses, from any manufacturer. I bought the pearl white frames, with grey Rx polarized lenses and an anti reflective coating. I use these for everything outdoors but purchased them specifically for Bass fishing. Extremely good for sight fishing on the water with the sun reflecting off of the surface. Perfect for outside activity. I use them for riding my bike and for camping as well. The fact that they are designed by Wiley X sealed the deal. I’ve always wanted a pair of Wiley’s just happened to like their DVX frames more. These are ideal. Happy camper, literally ?

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