DVX offers an array of prescription options to meet almost all prescription needs. Included are:
  • Conventional Prescription Lenses: In Single Lens, Progressive, or Bi-Focal.
  • DIGIFORCE™: Our proprietary digital point-by-point lens mapping technology that provides greater clarity to the periphery of the lens. Available in Single Lens or Progressive.
  • Rx Rim System: Our solution for high RX prescriptions up to +5.00 and -7.00. Available with DIGIFORCE™ lenses only.
While a DVX representative will need to work through your prescription order to provide an exact quote, the following chart provides an idea of our pricing.
LENS COLOR Single Vision Progressive Single Vision Progressive Bi-Focal
Standard Tints/Clear $152 $264 $96 $184 $104
Standard Tints w/Mirror $248 $360 $192 $280 $200
Polarized $216 $328 $184 $248 $244
Polarized w/Mirror $312 $424 $280 $344 $320
Transitions $232 $376 $224 $296 $280

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