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ANSI Rated

All DVX styles are ANSI-rated for High Mass Impact and High Velocity Impact. To meet these requirements, the eyewear must be able to withstand the impact of a 1.1 lb projectile dropped from 50". And every lens and frame must be able to withstand the impact of a .25 caliber steel ball fired at a rate of 150 FPS.

RX Ready

Most DVX styles are RX-Ready with either a Rim chassis option or a conventional prescription lens.

8-Layer Polarization

Premium polarized lenses combine eight layers of protection and technology:
  1. Two clear optical coatings
  2. Two polycarbonate layers
  3. Two scratch-resistant layers
  4. One anti-reflective coating
  5. One polarized film layer that provides 99.9% polarization with 100% UV protection

Rugged Frames

Frames are made from virtually indestructible material that provides optimal tensile strength while being lightweight and comfortable. There is no safer material for on the job or on the go protection. Most DVX styles have double-injected rubber nose bridge and temple tips, for a snug fit even during high sweat activities. Some DVX styles feature adjustable wire-core nose bridges and temple tips so that a perfect fit can be achieved no matter your face size or shape.


All DVX Sun + Safety lenses are made from shatterproof polycarbonate. This is one of the world's most impact resistant materials for safety in any situation. Each Lens has a scratch resistant hard coat, for years of optical clarity under rugged use conditions. All lenses meet ANSI optical clarity requirements. This means A) objects at a distance remain sharp, B) the size of objects remain true and C) prismatic power is maintained, meaning the spatial relationship of objects in the field of view remain true.

Side Shields

DVX Side Shield models include ANSI Z87.1 safety rated removable side shields for increased on-the-job safety.

Fixed Foam Gaskets

DVX Fixed Foam Gaskets block out irritants and peripheral light, protecting your eyes from wind, dust, debris and pollen.

Lens Anatomy

Clear Lenses
Maximum light transmission. See precise color values. Hazy or overcast, dusk/dawn conditions. Light transmission: 89%.
Silver Flash Lenses
& Polarized Variant
Darkest lens DVX offers. Multi-coat, Z-Oxide mirror over smoke lenses. Reduces glare. Excellent on bright days. Light transmission: 12%, 13% Polarized.
Polarized Green Lenses
Maximum glare reduction without distorting colors. Great for general daytime use. Light transmission: 13%.
Grey Lenses
& Polarized Variant
Maximum glare reduction. Won’t distort colors. Excellent in bright/glare conditions. Light transmission: 14%, 12% Polarized.
Blue Mirror Lenses
Multi-coat, green lenses. Absorb reflections across mirror surface, diminish glare. Ideal in bright conditions. Light transmission: 12%
Orange Lenses
Great light enhancing lens tint. Increased contrast in low to extremely low-light/hazy/dull conditions. Light transmission: 86%.