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10 reviews for Replacement Lenses

  1. Keith Layland

    Love them I have had them for3 years and just needing to replace the lenses

  2. Keith Layland

    Love them

  3. John Darley

    Great glasses

  4. Rodney

    Great glasses. I wear them work and play. Used to buy oakleys for the z rating. Now i pay a 1/3 the price for a better pair.

  5. Johnny willis

    I have owned two pair of dvx sunglasses. There are some of the best sunglasses I have owned. I’ve got so my friends to buy them as well. And they say the same thing

  6. Rafael Leon Martinez

    very pleased, I use them for work. they are the best!!

  7. Chris

    Own spoilers for 6 or 7 years best sunglasses I’ve ever brought

  8. Douglas Brown

    I have owned two pair of these DVX sun glasses , and they are hands down the very best I have ever had , the lenses are remarkably clear and they cast much less than Oakley that I used to use

  9. Jeremy Brown

    My first pair of white frame polarized axon were fantastic had them for a year worn everyday then I lost them bought another pair immediately but the white were not available, the polarizing on the inside of the lenses peeled off so bad in just over 2 months of use, wanted a waranty or to buy new replacement lenses but $27 fee to have them judged and possibly not warranted or $45 for the lenses seemed about $15 over priced, love these glasses just upset at the durability and cost to fix.

    • Frank Sannella

      Hello Jeremy The $27.00 fee is only for customers who live in Canada. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email so we can further assist you with your eyewear.

  10. Chaille Pearson

    Love these glasses but it says to call so they can further assist me, however no one ever answers the phone. Sounds like I have the same problem as everyone else. My lenses are “bubbling” on the inside part of my lenses. It says i can get lense replacements but i guess i have send them in, in order for them and pay the $27.00 to be replaced. And then apparently it takes a long timeto get them back. So I’m quite disappointed in their customer service. Otherwise, LOVE my glasses!

    • Frank Sannella (verified owner)

      Hi Please feel free to give me a call and I will help you in any way I can 844-253-0552 Mon-Fri 7:30-3:30 PST Frank S. Acct Mgr Wiley X

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